Auctionhouse Zemanek-Münster

Zemanek-Münster Auctionhouse has become Europe's only auction house that specialises exclusively in non-European art. Located in Würzburg the auction house started as a small antique shop in 1978. They have been involved with tribal art since the beginning of the nineties. In 2011 Zemanek-Münster Auctionhouse opened it's firs department overaeas in USA.

The familybusiness is run by Karin Zemanek-Münster and Ernst Zemanek and eight full-time employees, who are art historians and ethnologists for European art and non-European art as well as art enthusiastics. The auction house is regarded for it's proffesional qualifications, integrity and reliability. Zemanek-Münster is the only auction house in tribal art that guarantee the authenticity and originality of their objects.

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