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Duran Subastas

Durán Arte y Subastas was founded in 1969 and is the leading auction house in Spain, as well as the oldest. Throughout almost fifty years of history they have been focusing on providing their worldwide clients with the most desired and delicate pieces of art. Their monthly catalogues include important objects of Archaeology, Old Master Painting and Sculpture, 19th Century and Contemporary Art, Watches and Jewels, Books and Manuscripts, Wine, Decorative Arts and Ethnography, and many of them have been added to the most well-known European Art collections.
Some of the most outstanding artworks sold by Durán Arte y Subastas over the years include Santa Marina and Agnus Dei, by Francisco de Zurbarán; Herrador marroquí, by Mariano Fortuny (the most expensive Fortuny painting ever sold in Spain); Pareja en un banco, by Pablo Picasso; El paquete de tabaco, by Juan Gris; Le Bouquet, by Marc Chagall; Tanagra, by Julio Romero de Torres; Portrait of Rosa Nalda Gil, by Félix Resurrección Hidalgo and Concert, by Meriem Mezian (the most expensive Mezian painting ever sold in the world).
Moreover, Durán Arte y Subastas has always been alert to changes in taste, the demands of the market and the interests of new clients. As a result, their corporate vision is to help the national art market to grow in terms of diversification and cultural richness. In recent years they have been leaders in Spain in the managing of theme-focused sales, all of them relating to a variety of fields such as Archaeology, Pop-Art, Minerals and Fossils, Photography, Fashion, Vintage Furniture, Fountain Pens, Chess, Military objects, Toys and Travel Art. They have also offered important collections belonging to celebrities, for example that of Antonio el Bailarín.


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Auktion med temat resor, expeditioner och avlägsna kulturer hos Duran Subastas

Den 26 maj håller auktionshuset Duran Subastas en särskild auktion som för tankarna till resor, expeditioner och avlägsna kulturer: måleri, skulptur, fotografi, orientalisk konst, indisk konst, böcker, arkeologi, afrikansk konst finns bland annat representerat. Auktionen erbjuder också högkvalitativ konst, filippinska målningar, 1800-talskonst, grafik, smycken, klockor och konsthantverk.