(Johan/TTF) - How did you come up with "the Iron Man" watch concept?

(Roland Stampfli/AOS) - I'm a fan of comics and also former creator of strip cartoon. So I always wanted to create something in tribute to one of my passion. This tourbillion will be created in the next years.

(Johan/TTF) -Tell us a bit about "The Wheels Of Time"

(Roland Stampfli/AOS)  -This timepiece marks a new transition for the brand, with the creation of our first in-house movement. The launch of an innovative piece, both in terms of design and movement isn't easy. Now we are in the finishing phase of the development of the AOS-RT01 movement. . This

- Related with the theory of the mills, where mantras are enclosed in them, and distributed during the rotation, our movement encloses the time... that is to say, its engine, and diffuse it on its display outside, providing the notion of hours and minutes.

- This movement can only be alive, that is to say mechanical. The antagonist-rotating, of the two wheels symbolizes the paradox of the human being, in his research, to control the time, and be released from its constraints. That's the base of our reflection.

- The first version had a crown at 3 o'clock, but this was soon replaced by a crown at 6:00 to respect the typology of the prayer wheel. The back of this achievement shows by a bottom sapphire, the wheels, without revealing the mechanism.

- The wheels are deposited on a case carrier, and a bezel closes the system.

- The crown is screwed, and guaranteed the waterproofing, at 50 m of the timepiece.

- With this achievement we pass from the evocation of an "hourglass" and of a "prayer wheels" to an exceptional "Time Diffuser".

- The clasp is a realization of the Glista patent, sliding buckle. Another first in the industry along with the movement.

- The strap does not undergo deformation when opening the clasp, because it does not deploy like other buckle but slides on each side of the pushers.

(Johan/TTF) - What will AOS look like in 10 years?

(Roland Stampfli/AOS) - Not easy to say in the current environment. But in any case, we will always be an artisanale haute horlogerie workshop, with, I hope, sales points in countries that have adopted AOS.

(Johan/TTF) - Two of my favourites are: the 2021 Riders and "the Alien" 1916 Blackpearl with the

Gigeresque skullbracelet. Which AOS model is the most popular?

(Roland Stampfli/AOS) - Today we know the flagship models of the AOS brand such as: Black Pearl, Color Pearl and the 2021 Riders.. But we had fun making timepieces in ultra limited edition (7 or 20 maximum) or also unique 1/1 pieces.

- All our creations are becoming popular on social networks. Of course, we struck a blow with the creation of the skull bracelet. It's very popular because it's original and also nobody had done this before. We are proud to be the first to have created a bracelet like that 3D printing and I'm sure people understand the hard work to create such a piece.

(Johan/TTF) - What will AOS be up to in the near future?

(Roland Stampfli/AOS) -We are already close to the end of the year, so maybe we look forward in 2016 now.

- Obviously, entering the international market and continue to create product lines which allow people to access high quality at affordable prices. Of course, everything is relative when I use the term "affordable prices". Take into account the uniqueness and also that everything is finished and assembled by hand. Not to mention that the pieces are all 100% Swiss Made.

- In addition, we aim to create a women's collection and a jewelry line ... Finally, we are looking for distributors, high-end, which would be ready to embark on the adventure with us.

- Retailers who seek to have a brand, a collection, completely different from what they usually sell. It's really important today to find retailers and distributors to give a chance to the collectors and to the people that are interested in AOS to try them.

- The brand has experienced in recent months an increase in terms of visibility ... now we would like to have a physical visibility worldwide.

- Also, we will finish the movement of "The Wheels of Time"... Not easy because it's really expensive to do it. But we really hope to present the first finished timepiece in 2016.

(Johan/TTF) - Anything you like to add to the interview?

(Roland Stampfli/AOS) Well, first thank you Johan for your invitation, it was a real pleasure for me to present to you and your readers our brand. Please become our Facebook friends(AOS Watches and Arthur Oskar Stampfli La Naissance Dun Garde Temps), by this way we'll keep you informed of future novelties. I hope you'll all like our work, because we do it with passion.

That´s how this interview ends. We´ll keep up with AOS and what´s going on with their horological progression here on the blog. Do check TTF Watchblog on instagram for more photos.