Last part of the interview with Mikael Sandström, CEO, Halda Watch Co(you´ll find the first part here). Let´s get started right away:

TTF: - Feeling to win "European watch of the year 2014"?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: - When we won the Red Dot Design award 2012 for the Halda Space Discovery we were very honored as we both had developed one of the most advanced watches for professional NASA/ ESA astronauts but also won a design award with the same watch. Now when our Race Pilot model have been chosen by a jury in London as Watch of the Year 2014 in the category Excellence Award for Design – it is like winning the World Cup. As a small independent watch producer in the premium segment we are very proud and humble about this award.

TTF: Halda has gone out on the limbs with their Space Discovery, Race Pilot and ... Where do you go next? Into the watery abyss...

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: - With the two modern Halda watches we have set the bar high as the first was certified by astronauts and the second developed for Formula 1 drivers. The next model will have the same high standards but which area it will cover won't be unveiled until the release in the end of 2016.

TTF: - The concept of modules can be seen in Space Discovery and Race Pilot- will you continue with modules in your next model?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: -The Halda watches will be consistent in keeping the Halda Concept with the docking system so that it is possible to change the time module and also upgrade the watch when there are new models.

TTF: - Can you spot any trends in the watch industry?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: -The luxury segment is increasing overall and the smaller niche brands are taking market from the bigger manufacturers. The smaller brands are much faster in following new technique and have bolder designs than the big brands. We are experiencing that people more and more dare to purchase a unique watch other than following the rest, maybe it's because the watches that used to be considered as exclusive today can be seen on each and everyone's wrist.

TTF: - Do you have any Halda Watch Co anecdotes you´d like to share?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: -I can mention that Halda has produced other products in the fields of fine mechanics. For example the Halda Typewriter was rather famous and was used by Ernest Hemmingway in his writing. The Halda Taxameter that was the only one approved for all of London's taxis during a decade. The famous Halda Speed Pilot was one of the first precision instruments for professional motorsport was produced by the company Haldex which today produces gear boxes and four wheel drive to Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti etc.

TTF: -How is Halda received by watch enthusiasts (not only in scandinavia, but the rest of the world)?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: - Very well I must say. When we present our watches people are impressed by what a small Swedish watch company can produce. For example, many are amazed of the sophisticated functions of our in-house electronic movements and the fact that we have Zenith movements. They appreciate that we go the extra mile in every aspect with our timepieces. We even have our own way to deliver our watches worldwide called "Halda Personal Delivery" meaning that a person from our factory delivers the watch in person which is very much appreciated.

TTF: -When you create a new model- what inspires you? And how long does the process take?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: - Our intention is to create watches for different target groups with functions that really matters and will help the Halda owner in his daily life.

To create a new watch model is a long process and a lot of different experts will be involved in the Halda Team and normally it takes at least 2 years.

TTF: -What can we wait to see from Halda Watch Co in 2015?

Mikael Sandström, Halda Watch Co: - Sadly I can't promise you any new models during 2015. This year we are focusing on sales and marketing, so hopefully you will see Halda more frequently in press and digital media and maybe in some other exiting channels too.

TTF would like to thank Mikael Sandström for this interview. Photos of the Halda Race Pilot is shot during a session at Jarl Sandin, If you like to get in touch with Halda Watch Co, use: or follow them on: facebook or instagram.

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