Have you ever thought of getting a watch customized according to your own style? From the first time I set my eyes on the transformed(or should we say personalised) watches on Bamford Watch Departments instagram, I felt someone dared to go the extra mile. Today we get up close and personal with the founder of BWD, George Bamford.

- The general BWD client ranges from heads of state to celebrities to businessmen to true watch enthusiasts. Also people who value personalized products and people who love to curate their own world, says George!

How does people react to your customization of iconic brands as Rolex, APs and PPs?

- I’m sure there are people who love and hate what we do, as with everything in this world. My philosophy is to carry on creating your own path and never listen to the haters.

For BWD its important to know what the outcome of the finished timepiece will look like and demands a certain degree of awareness and experience of how to break limits. To work with artists like Wes Lang or Marc Quinn any combination seems possible to achieve.

How come you got started with PVD coating?

- We started with a PVD(Physical Vapour Deposition) coating almost 11 years ago. This was before PVD coatings were in vogue and the reason we started was because I found it in the mining industry as an anti-friction non-lubricant system...

What about competitors out there?

There are some competitors out there, but my philosophy on this is that you have to have these people in live, otherwise you don’t strive forward and become complacent. Our competitors allow us to push the boundary in order to stay two steps ahead.

Are there any clients whom you turned down to work with?

- We had one client who asked us to do a Patek Skymoon Tourbillion, and for me, I felt that we couldn’t add the true individuality to this watch, while keeping the aesthetic and style of this unique watch, so that is, to date, the only thing we have turned down.

Any watch anecdotes you'd like to share?

- Whenever clients ask us about aftercare, there’s always one example that sticks in our mind, which I believe shows just how much the customer means to us and what, I think, makes us stand in such good stead compared to all of our competitors.

A client of ours got their watch caught in a helicopter door and the bracelet was badly damaged. We got an early morning phone call from them saying, “Oh my god, I’ve damaged the buckle. What do I do?” and obviously, they were really upset. We took this very seriously, as we do with every aspect of the business. I got them to swing by to the Bamford Watch Department and, ten minutes later, we’d switched the bracelets – all at a cost to our business. I like this example because I’ve never found that level of service anywhere other than in my business. Sadly, “that’s not our problem” is the kind of thing that you will hear from a lot of companies in this day and age, but not from us.

- The future of BWD – I think we are only just seeing the start of the bespoke and personalization industry. I think the future is personalization to the nth degree – offering more and more options to create the ultimate watch, summarizes George.

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