There are a lot of independent watchmakers out there. I stumbled across AkriviA on instagram and was very impressed by their design and their approach to high-end watchmaking. AkriviA is led by the founder/master watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi(he had an apprenticeship at Patek Philippe at the age of 14!). This interview will enlighten us of the essence of AkriviA.

(TTF/Johan) - As an high-end independent watchmaker- what does it take to get recognised?

(AkrivA/Rexhep Rexhepi) - It takes a lot of work, money, time and above all passion. Most of independents watchmakers think that their watches are going to speak by themselves and would be enough to get people recognition. However I'm aware that unfortunately is not enough, we need to get the brand known through the multiples channels we have one of them is public relations with people such as: collectors, retailers and of course journalists. To be able to work on the both sides at the same time (production – relations) we need a lot of passion and be in love of what we do.

(TTF) - Is the watchmarket ready for AkriviA?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - I think that the market is big enough for all the new watch brands then costumers are the ones who decide who stays and who leaves. My main aim is to keep alive the old watchmaking traditions and today those technics are dying with industrialization. I think there would be always people who love and understand what watchmakers like me are trying to do, so yes I think the watchmarket could appreciate a brand as AkriviA.

(TTF) - Movements: What is your opinion on Quartz, Automatic, Manual Mechanical movements?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - I prefer the manual mechanical movements however the automatic ones are very useful. The feeling I get when I rewind my watch it is something very intimate, a special connection is created between the watch and myself.

Regarding quartz I can openly say is not my field.

(TTF) - Will you use the same movement to the next series of the Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - The Tourbillon Monopusher Chronograph is a limited serie that will end once I would have sold all the watches. Now I'm working on two new movements totally house made. The first one is going to be revealed in the following weeks and the second one later on this year.

(TTF) - Do you have any complication(s) (besides the tourbillon or monopusher) that you´ve thought of using in future timepieces from AkriviA?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - As I told you before I will present a new watch named Tourbillon Jump Hour Chime in the following weeks. The particularity of this timekeeper is to put together two complications as the jumping hour and a chime who sounds every hour instantaneously when the hour change. It's a combination quite rare in the watchmaking industry. We have some different complications in the pipeline you will discover these things in future.

(TTF) - The things that distinguish AkriviA from other independent high-end


(AkriviA/Rexhep) - AkriviA has a strong personality reflected through its case design but above all through its high-end decoration mechanism. I will tell you something: the thing I prefer when I doing a watch is not conception or design I love that as well but is not my favorite part. I really enjoy the fact to make looks beautiful something it wasn't. For example a simple bridge when I receive it's rough and after my inwards angles and my black polish it reveals its beauty. The transformation it's what I like...

On sunday we´ll continue the interview with Rexhep Rexhepi, until then you´d better follow AkriviA on facebook and of course TTF on instagram. Have A Great Weekend Everyone!