Today it´s time for the closing part of the interview with independent high-end watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi founder of AkriviA (you can read the first part here). To combine heritage with a contemorary approach to horology is the key ingredients of AkriviA´s philosophy. Let´s delve into the interview immediately:

(TTF Watchblog/Johan) - Can you spot any trends in the watchindustry- if so, how does AkriviA contribute?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - We are coming back to traditional watchmaking. Since the creation of the brand my goal have always been the same: create a watch you can wear whatever the century you are living in but the most important I want this watch remain the same fifty or one hundred years ahead. I want AkriviA watches to be modern but I want them to keep the spirit of traditions.

(TTF) - Do you have any watchanecdotes you´d like to share?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - Earlier this week I was talking with a member of my family and she said "I remember when you were 15 years old and you said that at 25 you wanted to be a manager, at 30 you wanted to have your own company and at 35 you wanted to have your own house, until now you are doing pretty good". I feel very lucky to have understood very quickly what my passion was, that allows me to be able to reach my goals very young. However I can say is not easy because it takes a lot of time and energy so that's why you need to be passionate by it.

(TTF) - How is Akrivia received by watchenthusiasts?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - In the beginning it was very difficult now is getting better. Thanks to internet now people has easy and quick access to the information so they become "little experts" on fields they are interested to. So the watchenthusiasts are now able to recognize and understand the work well done, so it makes easier the communication. Beside of that watchexperts are really interested in AkriviA watches they are curious to see what is next step. The presentation of the Tourbillon Jump Hour Chime prototype during Basel 2015 was amazing people really like it! They are all expecting to see the final result and so do I.

(TTF) - When you create a new model- what inspires you? And how long does the process take?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - I spend a lot of time reading books of watchmaking such as George Daniels I love all the old technics and I really want to honour the watchmakers who had have contributed to reach the level of watchmaking we are nowadays. I like dynamism and I have to say I'm very impatient however when we talk about creation I like to take my time and let my thoughts free.

(TTF) - What can we wait to see from AkriviA in 2015?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - AkriviA is preparing a lot of projects for this year one of them is the Tourbillon Jump Hour Chime. The other one is a simple movement (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) made in house. This movement will keep the same spirit of the others collections, it means all high-end finishing will remain the same and all hand-made.

(TTF) - Anything you like to add to the interview?

(AkriviA/Rexhep) - I feel very blessed to be able to share my passion with others, not everyone can say that. It wasn't easy because I gave up on a lot of thing for someone of my age but it worth it.

Indepentent watchmaking at its best. I hope you´ve gotten your eyes open for AkriviA. TTF sends its thanks for the interview and we´ll continue to follow the evolution of Rexheps work. Do follow AkriviA on facebook and instagram. If you´re into more watchrelated photos you´ll find TTF here!