How did you come up with the design for "The Beginning"?

The first thing I came up with was the bezel, that was very clear from the beginning. It just came right out of my sketchbook one day and I knew I wanted that bezel design. I design the rest of the watch from that bezel. I wanted something simple but still with an “attitude”. I grow up by the ocean at the west coast of Jutland in Denmark, Its an very windy place and sometimes has an very hard environment. I wanted my watches to represent that. The rough but also the very beauty that nature gives.

Will Black Polar Bear ever make manual or quartz watches?

I will never say never, but I don’t think I will make manual watches. The only thing I can come up with should be if I wanted to make a pocket watch someday. I see no problems in making some quartz watch one day. Quartz watches has some quality that automatic watches doesn't have! I think of services intervals, time reliability and “power reserve”.

BPBs main inspiration?

“Rough nature blended with endless beauty” That’s an very odd sentences. But what I mean is that the rough nature with all of its kaos, sometimes make unavoidable beautiful landscapes. Nature is an timeless source of inspiration.

Will there be other models (diving-, pilot- or marineinspired, etc)?

Yes most definitely, I already have small unfinished sketches of a diver, a dress watch and a ladies watch in my sketchbook. But it ain't cheap and things take time, special when working alone

How is the climate as an horological independent artisan?

I don’t do this for the money, my main reason is that I have a big passion for making watches. Everytime I see the true happiness in my customer’s eyes when he sees his watch for the first time it´s for me priceless. If you wanna make watches like I do, in small scale. But just doing it for the money, then don’t! You will get very disappointed!

Anything you´d like to say to our readers?

I´m very humble that you are reading my story/questions, I just wanna say thank you very much, and I hope that you will follow my page on Instagram and Facebook

Five quick questions:

Mesh/natostrap –Leather or steel bracelet any day

Black/whitedial – Black (or blue)

Steel/two-tone – Steel

Index/Arabic numbers – Index

Minimalistic/Crowded caseback – Crowded caseback

TTF wishes to thank BPB for the interview and we´ll keep you readers informed with their progress.

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