Paul Jackson

En av världens årliga höjdpunkter för alla konst och antikälskare, TEFAF-mässan i Maastricht, har precis dragit igång. Barnebys har fått sig en pratsund med Paul Jackson, som driver Jacksons, vilka specialiserat sig på skandinavisk och internationell design. I år har Paul blivit utsedd till expert i granskningskommittén för skandinavisk design på mässan. För Barnebys berättar han mer om årets höjdpunker samt om TEFAFs betydelse för branschen.

It is time for TEFAF in Maastricht. What are you looking forward to most?

This year is very special for me. I have been selected to join the 20th. Century vetting committee as their expert for 20th. Century Scandinavian design. This has given me the opportunity to walk around the fair for two days before the opening, feeling almost that I have the fair to myself, even if they do have about 175 experts on the vetting committee, covering different sections of the fair.

How is this fair compared to other art- and design fairs in Europe?

TEFAF is the flagship for the business and is run by the exhibiting members at the fair. The exhibitors endeavor to save and bring their most rare objects for the event. It has the most strict vetting procedure to ensure the originality and level of quality of objects exhibited. In short, if you are going to visit one fair in the world to cover thousands of years of art and design, TEFAF has the most to offer under one roof.

What is new this year?

There is the Tefaf art symposium, which this year is titled "Addicted to vintage; Trends in 20th. century design", talking about the increasing interest in 20th. Century design. Five speakers will cover different aspects of the market and their insights on the subject.

On TEFAF, we find more than 280 of the top galleries in the world. Which one of these do you think has been the most successful with its stand and with the objects they show?

Hamilton gallery took my breath away. The most simple but effective display of two incredible rare chairs designed by Carlo Molino from the 1950´s alongside a collection of hand colored polaroid photographs taken by Molino. The Italian designer Carlo Molino is perhaps our most imaginative and certainly our most sensual designer of the 20th. century, which is demonstrated in these exhibits.

What should not be missed in the coming days?

In the 20th Century section, the Carlo Bugatti chair exhibited at the Turin 1902 World Fair in hand painted parchment on Ulrich Fiedlers Stand and the Chieftain chair designed by Finn Juhl in the 1950´s on the stand of Dank Møbel Kunst, are both great examples of very original design and an interesting comparison. Also, the stand from Yves Macaux with turn of the century furniture and objects from Vienna and Belgium is a favorite. Galerie Downtown´s stand with his architectural interior inspired by Cobusier and wall covering taken from Corbusier´s painting and then printed on canvas in a massive scale, all just for the fair, shows the outstanding effort an exhibitor makes to display a collection of furniture and lighting designed by Pierre Jeanneret for the buildings in the city of Changdigarh India.

There are too many stands that should not be missed at the fair, so reading the press releases is a good idea. A wonderful stand that also demonstrates what is special with this fair, is the sculpture stand of Daniel Katz. Here you can see personally selected wonderful sculptures ranging from 1600 BC to 1955 AD. Great knowledge and great choice from all periods.

What does a fair like TEFAF mean for the industry?

It is a really important showcase to show the incredibly wide spectrum of this industry. It showcases the individual approaches that dealers take in communicating, sometimes in very specialized fields, their passion for their subject. The selection of pieces in these different areas is outstanding. Everybody in the business do their best to make it to TEFAF to explore the fair and meet the dealers in person.

Thank you Paul! We hope you will get some great days in Maastricht.

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