Jim Thorell har varit i hetluften de senaste månaderna. Som platschef och ansvarig för konstnärskollektivet på Isbrytaren har han de senaste åren guidat och tagit hand om konstnärer som Michael Manning, Rafaël Rozendaal och Emanuel Röhss som varit på besök i samband med utställningar hos Carl Kostyal.

I januari detta år fick Thorell chansen att visa upp sig på riktigt när hans egna dukar fick klä väggarna i källaren på Igeldammsgatan. Bra medial kritik och intressen från viktiga samlare har gjort att intresset för den svenske konstnären har växt sig än större.

På fredagen den första maj var det dags att inta London när Union Pacific öppnade sin utställningen Pathétique" med Jim som pågår fram till den 23:e maj.


Darling Daintyfoot, clad in blue from head to toe, (also making sure things like shoelaces were safely tucked inside the shoe so as not to mistake them for snakes.)

And the time he got 'lost' in a large stretch of meadow not too far from his house and spent almost the entire weekend falling around in the meadow.

With joy, love and delight, he leaps forward as rapidly as possible and exclaims aloud: Yes, it is true, flowers are heavenly! I might even be able to transform myself into a daisy. I am like a tender swaying plant.

Then he was bitten by a dog, and the wound did not heal.

His wife became very worried.

woke up with burgundy sick encrusted hair lying naked in a field of violets and i think i might have neglected my responsibilities last night if only i could remember... sorry!

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With arms outstretched, open to receive the world, Daintyfoot rolls around seeming to himself most graceful and loose-jointed, but upon rising discovers legs that crumple like an empty wrapper. "Pull yourself together, you maddening baby! How am I losing a game of 20 questions to myself?!"

With lace fingers the infante crawls himself upright, unwillingly squeezing out a sorry tear. "Silence soft-hearted tear ducts! and hoists his trousers from the belt loops with a jerk of the hips.

In time the dog-punctured surface healed up, but with something interior askew.

Zoe Barcza, 2015