A cloud of moonglow and of course the mighty SWCs Blacklamp "dial" ring!

I visited Blackbadger´s den the other day and immediately got hooked on the glowing bits and pieces that seem to surround this "advanced composites" creator.

Blackbadger is checking-up on the moonglow with a 500 lumen flashlight!

For those of you who need a presentation of Blackbadger can read(in swedish though, but the photos are nice) about our "watch-lunch" we had in October.

Schofield Blacklamp´s dial is equipped with "Blackbadger-made" ring of "moonglow"(some of the rings can be seen in this picture as well as SWCs Giles Ellis talking about Blacklamp on Vimeo)!

One of the things Blackbadger was up to then was his collaboration with Schofield Watch Company and their Blacklamp. He was on his way to Salon QP to see SWCs launching of the Blacklamp.

Making things glow!

Mr Badger was also launching his own(together with a companypartner) watchstrap and continuing to develop his carbonfiberinspired rings and leaving pawmarks almost everywhere around the watchindustry.

Charging up a F-1 keychain and some rings...

The Blacklamp is on its way to his wrist in a special ed. with The Vinga Lighthouse on the caseback. TTF Watchblog will of course update you as soon as it arrives.

Wonder what the neighbours think, with all the glowing and the flashlights beam cutting through the darkness(seen through the windows to the workshop)...

I got myself into a lesson (in advanced composites part. 0.1, read: for dummies) just so I can understand the essence of the materials being used.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend(James Thompson a k a Blackbadger) holding some G10 (fibre reinforced composite)!

Just before I was leaving the Den a Bell&Ross emerged combined with this "keeper".

The Keeper on display...

We´ll keep you posted with the ongoings in the Blackbadger Den.  A lot of photos were taken and will pop-up here on the blog. Check out Blackbadger´s instagram in the mean while.

Bell&Ross(BR01-92)vs Blackbadgers Black/Orangestriped keeper!

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