Wristshot 1: Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Tattoo (latest LW familymember!)

I´ve been following Linde Werdelin for a couple of years and always been admiring their adventurous approach to lifestyle and how their watches keeps challenge the elements of nature.

LW: Oktopus Moon Tattoo Case and Crown

Over or under water, to the tuxedo or on a concert, LW seem to cover every aspect of time, so to speak. When I got in touch with Madina Maglione of the Linde Werdelin team she clearified a couple of questions for TTF.

LW: Oktopus Moon Tattoo resting before adventure!

TTF: Whats the most fascinating part in the process of working with watches?

Madina Maglione(MM) of LW: - Working with artisans and sourcing the finest Swiss watchmakers in Geneva; carefully selected by us.

LW: SpidoSpeed Steel accompanied by instruments The Reef&The Rock!

TTF: Where do you get inspiration to your design?

MM: Everywhere, in our travels, in skiing and diving, in nature. Most of all in the brand’s DNA and philosophy; “analogue is the best way to read time; digital is how you assimilate technical details”.

LW: Spidospeed Steel with yellowstrap and Reef.

- "In creating watches and instruments we are the only company so we don’t feel we have to compete. We are confident in what we do and have a niche market for ourselves",  Madina Maglione of the Linde Werdelin team.

Wristshot 2: LW Spidolite II Titanium Red

TTF: Are there any watchmakers that inspires LW?

MM: There are great companies out there that we respect and admire. However what we do is unique and we only look into our brand DNA to find inspiration.

Wristshot 3: LW Oktopus II Moon Black

TTF: Which one of your models are most popular to order by customers/collectors?

MM: We really cannot state we have one model which succeeds mostly. Currently we are lucky all our pieces are equally appreciated all over the world.

LW: Oktopus II Titanium Red

TTF: If you could choose anyone to wear a timepiece from LW- which person would that be(and why)?

MM: It is not in our interest to make someone wear our watches for our own pleasure; however it is crucial that whoever wears a LW timepiece feels pleased and proud.

Wristshot 4: Oktopus II Titanium Blue

TTF: What do you think of the future of LW?

MM:  This year has been very profitable for us and we are positive next year we will open new markets and progress in terms of materials and in-house complications.

Going for the gold! Oktopus Rosegold& Spidospeed gold/DLC

Since I'm a wristshot junkie, I can´t help myself to be swept away by LWs feeds on Instagram, facebook or Twitter. Bringing their own touch into the watchmaking industri LW is a brand to meet every expectation a person could ever need in a timepiece(or several, if your shoping away in the webstore!)!

Wristshot 5: LW Spidospeed Black Diamond

TTF will continue to follow LWs progression. This YouTube interview with Jorn Werdelin might get your interest going.

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