To think outside the box when you´re in the watchmaking business is a great challenge. In the case of Ochs und Junior their approach is unique from thought to finished product. But what are the most demanding elements in the process of making timepieces?

Ochs und Junior watchbuffet! (Photo from O&Js facebook)

- We mainly manufacture our parts (besides the ETA movement, sapphire crystal, and the crown) outside the watch industry. We work mainly with a supplier for the Sauber Formula 1 Team. He manufactures all of our parts for us, like cases, dials, and Ludwig Oechslin's functions, and even watch hands and buckles. That is key for us!

Ochs und Junior: Annual Calendar (photo from O&Js homepage)

- Ludwig Oechslin is constantly developing new ideas. Every watch we have in our current offering, and which we will bring out in the future, has to be at the level of being a reference for the category. The reference for the moon phase, the reference for the annual calendar, the reference for a date indication and a two time zones indication, continues Beat.

Swing by Ochs und Junior for a coffee- and perhaps a watch! (photo: O&Js homepage)

- It gives us a high level of technical and financial flexibility, and we can offer as a super small watch manufacture the highest level of innovation in small production quantities. Also, we give a lifetime warranty on all ochs und junior manufactured parts. So, we have our manufacturing processes firmly under control and have extremely short service times for our watches (usually about 10 days).

A little "Ochs" magic being performed by Ludwig Oechslin! (photo: O&Js homepage)

If you choose to buy one model. You can customise/personalize it (almost as you wish is) through the Ochs und Junior homepage. The dialogue with customers is Beats field. He will follow you through the whole process until your Ochs und Junior timepiece is on your wrist. FedEx manages the delivery right up to your doorstep before you know it.

The Dynamic Duo of Ochs und Junior: Ludwig Oechslin and Beat Weinmann! (photo: O&Js homepage)

There is a bond between Ochs und Junior and Ulysse Nardin. For watchconnoisseurs (and everyone with the slightest interest in watches) this bond is a positive sign of two great companies which operates in the same field.

Todays Wriststhot: Ochs und Junior "Moonphase"

There´s still that watch you know you´re looking for- the grail/graal. I found mine and it´s the Moonphase- I haven´t decided on the personilization yet but I´ll get there eventually. And don´t forget it´s all about functionality!

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