Nr 10. Adbskys Rolex Submariner.

The first I saw from Sunflowerman was when I stumbled upon some of his creations on instagram- and was curious how someone can get into a process like 100 Watches Project. You could say Sunflowerman is a creative force who´s been working with "Men's Fashion Illustration for Business-to-Business work and product design for Consumers" for a long time. But after making some illustrations for Wristi, who is a member of the Watch Anish team, Sunflowerman got hooked on painting watches.

Nr.24 MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt

When entering into the horological community he noticed how passionate and dedicated the people were  about their watches.

- When people love watches they LOVE watches. It seems such a humble object but it really contains its own ecosystem. There is the bezel and the dial, the manufacturer and designer, the history, the straps, the patina and the stories. The history is so dense and so rich. All of that to say that creating an illustrative project on watches seemed the best way for me to learn, says Sunflowerman

Nr.34 Meisterurwerk Machinen, MM-01

Whats the easiest/most difficult in painting watches?

- First of all it is hard work. Most watches have such immense detail. The most difficult part is getting that first brush stroke down on the paper. The silhouette of the watch is the most important aspect to capture and the hardest part to get correct. Once the outlines are marked the rest is quite simple. A watch tends to be symmetrical, horizontally and vertically which provides many reference points as I paint.

Nr.36 Kicktock´s Seiko Automatic Diver´s 200m.

If you choose three watches and motivate why you´ve chosen them?

- That is so hard to choose! I love so many of the watches I have had the privilege to paint. You've forced me into it so I wall say 24- MB&F Thunderbolt: The architecture of this watch is reminiscent of jet engines and isn't typical of watches in genereal, 34-Meisturwerk Machinen MM-01: it was great to paint because I was able to work on a much larger scale to create such a gorgeous watch and 50- Helson Shark Diver: To this point this is my favorite of the paintings. The composition, the detail and the colors work perfectly.

Nr.50 Kicktock´s Helson Shark Diver.

The watches I chose when looking through the paintings where nr: 10, Adbskys Rolex and nr: 36 Kicktocs Seiko- these two are two nice "wristpaints" I like- can you say anything about them...

Adbsky's Rolex painting is the first in the project that really stuck out to me as a great work of art. Kicktock's Seiko is another one that has the great balance of composition, color and detail, says Sunflowerman

If you like to have your watch painted you can fill in the form on Sunflowermans homepage. I´m looking forward to the 100 Watches Project book to be released and I´m thinking of applying for a nice painting to hang on the wall- the only problem is choosing watch.

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