Airman 7 Glycine Airman 7(Photo: F.Rozentvaig/Taljamin Trading)

This year Glycine celebrates its 100th birthday. The founder Eugène Meylan started the company in 1914 and the production has since then been centered to its factory in Bienne, Switzerland. My interest in Glycine reaches back a couple of years. It was a friend of mine that bought an Airman Base(22 Purist version) who got me into the "Glycinecountry".

Glycine Combat Automatic Glycine Combat Automatic (F.Rozentvaig/Taljamin Trading)

During a couple of months I´ve been following a feed on instagram with a lot of Glycine(wristshots), which originates from Taljamin Trading, who distributes Glycine in South Africa. I wanted to hear more about their interest in Glycine and ended up with some awnsers from their representative, Fiona Rozentvaig:

Glycine Glycine: Airman (photo:F.Rozentvaig/Taljamin Trading)

Johan/TTF: How come your working with Glycine?

Fiona Rozentvaig: As watch collectors we have always been passionate about the art of horology, and having been exposed to the Glycine brand on international travel, we were taken originally by the Airman 7. Having first seen the piece in Hong Kong on a ladies arm, we explored the range and first purchased a Lagunare L1000 dive watch. It was a natural progression to start talking to Glycine to bring the brand to South Africa.

Johan/TTF: Which of the Glycine models are your favourite(s)- and why it´s so?

Fiona Rozentvaig: It is difficult to pin point a favourite as all models cater to specific likes, however the Lagunare range for me speaks to a wide audience and speaks volumes about how a piece can draw you in.

Glycine F104 Glycine F104 (photo:F.Rozentvaig/Taljamin Trading)

Johan/TTF: What do you think of social media as a tool in reaching new buyers/collectors?

Fiona Rozentvaig: Social media is an absolute revolution. Our company has dedicated vast sums to print media, and yet with social media bursting onto the scene, one is able to not only showcase a product, but direct it to people of the same interests, as well as share ones experiences and receive feedback and praise. Social media is definitely breaking boundaries and turning the world into a small community, and thus we are talking.

Glycine Airman Todays Wristshot: Vintage Glycine Airman (photo:F.Rozentvaig/Taljamin Trading)

Fiona Rozentvaig: As Glycine celebrates 100 years of watch making excellence, it is important to note that every owner, collector is as passionate about the brand as the company itself. This speaks volumes about the distribution channels, service and attention to detail that Glycine has established in its family around the world.

To share interest with other Glycineenthusiasts around the globe- there are some forums that you could visit: Watchuseek´s Glycineforum, Watchfreeks, If you have any questions for Fiona at Taljamin Trading you could mail her at: Remember to check out TTF on instagram!