Konstantin Chaykins "Levitas"!

The whole thing started with a discussion around morning coffee at work. One of my colleagues had seen a transparent watch. I was convinced it was the Russian watchmakingwizard Konstantin Chaykins masterpiece Levitas, but it was a bit unclear and there is always Cartiers Rotonde de Cartier-Mystery Watch, or why not Quintings esoteric creations that would fit the description.

Cinema: 20 sec. animated powerreserve with 12 frames/sec...

To convince my colleagues I showed Konstantin Chaykins Instagram. Since 2010 Mr Chaykin is a member of  AHCI(Académie Horologère Des Créaturs Indépendants) and has made an impression in contemporary horology.

- First, AHCI helped me to meet the global market and international customers. Secondly, challenged myself to create my watches and clocks at the level of best world standards, says Konstantin.

Caseback of the Cinema.

- I 2003 I created my first mechanical watch with tourbillon. I like unique and specific ideas to be implemented in watch movements as well in dials and cases of the watch.

Lunar Hijra, Tableclock with: minutetourbillon, measurements:254 mm x 249 mm x 123 mm, 10 days powerreserve!

Some of the masters that has inspired Konstantin are: John Harrison, James Cox, Abraham-Louis Breguet, George Daniels, Ivan Kulibin, Lev Nechaev.

- From the modern watchmakers – I try not to highlight anyone but I have to say that the competitors keep me in a good shape.

Lunokhod: 21.600vph, moonphase, 48 powerreserve, 31 jewels...

- Besides being the innovator I am the watchmaker who makes watches and clocks myself. I am also a leader of the company – Russian watch manufacture. Of course I have a lot of challenges. As for inventor I have many great ideas. There a lot of them and at the same always not enough.

Hijra: moonphase, patented calendar, 21.600vph, 48 hours powerreserve.

- Because I am challenged with ideas which can change the watchmaking world. As for realization of ideas – there is always a choice which should be created first. There are a lot of ideas but not that many resources.

Decalogue: Moonphase, 21.600vph, 17 jewels, 48 hours powerreserve.

- When one realizes a totally new idea he/she goes the trackless way with eyes seeled. And to be able to take a complicated challenge means spending a lot of time, money and efforts. There the price of the new – really new ideas -  is very high.

By the numbers of patent Konstantin Chaykin works on- it leaves me with a great sense of expectation for what the future of horology might bring us. When somehting so universal as time can overlap and unite us in one way or another Mr Konstantin Chaykin has something important to share with us in his craft. It doesn´t matter if you´re a collector with unlimited financial resources(or not). Follow his Youtube-Channel, eller facebook- keep your eyes open for his creations.

Ps. The interview consists of mailed questions till Mr Chaykin. All photos are from the homepage. Ds

Ps 1. Via facebook Mr Chaykin has awnsered me that Levitas is easy to order through the webshop! The prices varies- and will make a hole in your pocket. And no- I haven´t ordered one yet, but one day... Ds 1