Ochs &Junior: Moonphase 42mm Titanium (photo O&Js homepage)

Today were going to delve into horology at its finest. One day last week the phone rang, I was surprised to hear the voice of Mr Beat Weinmann. Earlier that morning I´d sent an email asking questions about Ochs und Junior- Watches by Ludwig Oechslin, but I hadn´t expected to get responded back that fast.

The Maestro, Ludwig Oechslin at the workbench! (Photo from O&J´s blog)

- Ochs und junior is a radical, unique watch company without compromises. Since we share the high-level innovations of Ludwig Oechslin with a small group of customers  –  worldwide  –  we do not have to go into marketing gimmicks to sell our watches. We sell all of our watches directly to the end customer, and can offer a high level of personalization to each one, says Beat Weinmann.

Ludwig Oechslin and Beat Weinmann founded Ochs und Junior 2006. The former has made huge impact on horology with creations as: Freak, The Triology Of Time(Astrolabium/Galilei, Planetarium/Copernicus and Tellurium/Kepler), the GMT+/- Perpétuel(at Ulysse Nardin),  MIH Watch, the restoration of The Farnese Clock, and as the curator for Musée international d´horlogerie. Beat Weinman is the man who deals with every day-to day operations at Ochs und Junior.

"The five" mainparts of the Ochs und Junior Moonphase! (photo: O&Js homepage)

I asked Beat which is the "Most Wanted" Ochs und Junior model among collectors/buyers?

- The ochs und junior moon phase patina is the perfect representation of ochs und junior and Ludwig Oechslin's work. High-level math, elegant construction with just a few parts, an astronomical interpretation of the moon (as well sun and earth), and a radical design  –  romantic and modern, with no logo and no added color at all. Purest, elegant reduction.

Ochs und Junior "Selene Nebra" (photo: O&Js blog)

To create a timepiece with the accuracy of 3478,27 years and use the workhorsemovement ETA 2824-2, makes you start to wonder how it can be done?

Beat Weinmann, explains - ochs und junior is all about functionality. We do the opposite of the general understanding of the value of a good watch. Instead of complications Ludwig Oechslin invents intelligent reductions. High functionality with less parts. High reliability and extremely low needs for service. The ETA 2824-2 is an excellent movement that gives Ludwig Oechslin a lot of room and flexibility for the most unique creations!

Ochs und Junior: Two Time Zones, 42mm Titanium (O&Js homepage)

To be continued...

Next part of the Ochs und Junior- All about Functionality (part 2/2) will be released on friday 25/10 2013!  Follow TTF on Instagramfacebook or Twitter for blogupdates!