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Maiolica dish by Xanto

  • GBR
  • 2009-12-08
Om objektet
A documentary and unrecorded maiolica dish by Xanto
inscribed, signed and dated 1530, Brilliantly painted with an allegory of the Sack of Rome in 1527, showing soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire drunkenly assaulting the citizens of Rome while a stupefied Bacchus and a horrified Pope look on, Venus being consoled by Cupid in the foreground, the goddess Juno watching from the skies, a tablet dated 1527 in her lap ( broken in half and repaired)
The reverse inscribed in blue in Xanto's hand;'Il di qui[n]to di maggio La[n]ci & Spani col favor di Giunon[e] entraro[n]o  Roma & hebber[o] Pietro & Bacco nelle mani
Fra[ncesco]: Xa[n]to. Ave[lli]: Rovig[ese].
Pi[n]x[it]  i[n] Urbino.
1530'(On the fifth day of May the Landsknechts and the Spanish with the favour of Juno entered Rome and had Peter and Bacchus in their hands. History/... )
46cm., 18in.

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