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Josef Frank, Three-legged stool, Austria, around 1928

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  • 2014-06-06
Om objektet
Maple, stained brown
Vienna, Austria, ca. 1928
Design: Josef Frank (1885-1967) - Austrian architect
For Haus & Garten, Vienna
Design of the stool is very functional
Ergonomically shaped seat with a cavity and handle hole
Early variant with distinctive bulbous legs
Height: 41.5 cm, 49 x 36 cm
Good condition
This object is sold through the Berlin office

This distinctive three-legged stool was designed by Josef Frank in 1928. It is designed in a functional way. The round seat shaped like a comfortable large bicycle saddle with two recesses for the legs. In the middle is a fingerhole to carry the stool comfortably. The stool is an early copy with three odd shaped, bulbous legs. Josef Frank designed the stool for the House & Garden Fair in Vienna. The stool is made of brown stained maple.

The stool is 41.5 cm high and measures 49 x 36 cm. It is in good condition with signs of age and wear.

Josef Frank (1885-1967)
The Austrian- Swedish architect Josef Frank studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, before he taught at the local arts and crafts school. He founded the Vienna Werkbund. He is with Oskar Strnad, seen as the father of the Viennese school of architecture.

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