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Breguet, No. 2807, sold to General Yermoloff on August 26, 1817 for 4,000 Francs

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  • 2002-10-19
Om objektet
Breguet, No. 2807, sold to General Yermoloff on August 26, 1817 for 4,000 Francs. Extremely rare and exceptionally fine and elegant 18K gold and enamel astronomical equation of time watch with annual calendar, manual perpetual calendar, phases of the moon and mean and true solar time, in a Morocco fitted box. Accompanied by Breguet Certificate of 1857.

C. Four-body, "forme quatre baguettes", back centered with engraved with coat-of-arms under pale gray translucent enamel, engine-turned around and on the band and bezel, gold hinged cuvette with winding, regulating and leap-year apertures. D. Silver, by Tavernier, engine-turned, to the left true solar time sub-dial with Breguet numerals, outer minute track and gold Breguet hands, symmetrically to the right mean time sub-dial with Roman numerals, outer minute track and blued steel Breguet hands, phases of the moon aperture above 6 o’clock surmounted with days of the week aperture with its setting aperture to the left, outermost annual date track. M. 53 mm. (23’’’), gilt brass, going barrel, 21 jewels, straight line calibrated lever escapement with divided lift and straight pallets, banking against the escape wheel arbor, draw, cut bimetallic steel/platinum compensation balance with rims cut in the center, sunk at the center for the double roller, gold and platinum screws, blued steel Breguet balance spring, the annual calendar driven from the gold days of the week wheel, making one revolution in five weeks, equation cam set at the center of the annual wheel, ingenious system of transmitting power from the mean time motion work to the solar time motion work via special double wheel/double rack and pinion mechanism. Signed on the dial and cuvette. Diam. 60 mm.

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