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An early and rare bronze figure of Vasudhara

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  • 86 500 SEK*
  • 10 000 USD
  • Utrop: 51 900 – 69 200 SEK*
  • USA
  • 2014-03-19
Om objektet
An early and rare bronze figure of Vasudhara
Nepal, 7th/8th century
Seated in lalitasana on a low cushion over a lion throne, with her right hand lowered in varadamudra and holding a jewel and book in the others, clad in a dhoti with voluminous folds and adorned with a simple necklace hanging between the breasts, the face with full lips and heavy-lidded eyes flanked by large earrings and surmounted by a foliate tiara, the hair in two large buns at the back of the head
5½ in. (13.8 cm.) high

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