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A CARVED JADEITE LAUGHING BUDDHA\nThe highly translucent jadeite carving of intense emerald green colour, depicting a laughing Buddha holding a lingzhi spray and a large cloth sack, to the carved wooden stand, carving approximately 103.0 mm high\nAccompanied by report no. KJ80905 dated 30 July 2013 from the Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory stating that the Buddha is natural jadeite and no polymer is detected




Unlike diamond and other gemstones, jadeite has a very delicate and varying composition. Its complex aggregate structure renders it susceptible to impurities and cracks, as well as variations even within the same stone. Two jadeite materials from the same stone can vary drastically in colour, texture, translucency and purity, making it extremely difficult to produce matching jewellery sets. Even more difficult is carving a full-coloured decorative piece from one whole stone. The tone has to be kept consistent throughout and void of all cracks and impurities. Due to the complexity and the level of risk involved, jade merchants and artisans tend to divide a full-coloured jadeite into numerous cabochons or pendants for sale to increase profits and cost effectiveness.

Recurring themes found in jadeite carvings include flora, animals, famous figures, religion and landscape. The Bodhisattva Guanyin and Buddha Maitreya (Mile) being the most common religious figures, especially the Buddha Maitreya, who with his broad, hearty smile and friendly appearance, is particularly popular. It requires the mastery of an artisan to be able to carve a Buddha figure on a large piece of fine jadeite material. Adding to that, the figure has to vividly represent the Buddha's everlasting charm in its budai form, emanating contentment and happiness with its big belly and broad smile.


Sculptures, Statues & Figures, jade/jadeite, Buddha




Items which contain rubies or jadeite originating in Burma (Myanmar) may not be imported into the U.S. As a convenience to our bidders, we have marked these lots with Y. Please be advised that a purchaser¹s inability to import any such item into the U.S. or any other country shall not constitute grounds for non-payment or cancellation of the sale. With respect to items that contain any other types of gemstones originating in Burma (e.g., sapphires), such items may be imported into the U.S., provided that the gemstones have been mounted or incorporated into jewellery outside of Burma and provided that the setting is not of a temporary nature (e.g., a string).

This property has been sourced from overseas. When auctioned, such property will remain under “bond” with the applicable import customs duties and taxes being deferred unless and until the property is brought into free circulation in the PRC. Prospective buyers are reminded that after paying for this lot in full and cleared funds, if they wish to import this lot into the PRC, they will be responsible for and will have to pay the applicable import customs duties and taxes. The rates of import customs duty and tax are based on the value of the goods and the relevant customs regulations and classifications in force at the time of import. The final amounts will be determined by PRC Customs and other competent authorities at the time of import. Neither Christie’s nor the seller warrants or guarantees the accuracy of this information and we are not responsible in any way for any errors or omissions. Potential buyers are responsible for satisfying themselves as to the amount of import customs duty and tax payable for lots which they buy and intend to import into the P

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*Vänligen notera att att priset inte är omräknat till dagens värde, utan avser slutpriset vid tidpunkten när föremålet såldes.