On November 12, 1946, a major event occurred in Berlin, a city that had been destroyed during the second World War. Art and books were now available for auction. The experienced book seller Gerd Rosen opened the first gallery in Berlin after the war and this gallery, located on the Kurfürstendamm, became a center of cultural life.

Rosen died in 1962 and on January 7, 1963, his closest colleague Gerda Bassenge opened the Galerie Gerda Bassenge and the same year released the first auction catalog.

In 1967 Gerda's son Tilman became involved in the firm and the year after Bassenge moved its internationally acclaimed auction house to a new location, Erdener Straße in Grunewald.

Due to its long history Bassenge now it one of the oldest auction houses in Berlin and over the past 45 years the house has published over 400 catalogues.

Their book auctions include rare and valuable books of all time, their art department offers all kind of arts with the focus on works on paper and their photo department covers everything from 19th century photography to contemporary photography and photo books.

Bassenger offers long-standing experience to their customers who they help with competent and individual advice.

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